"you can work as a MU artist without formal qualifications"
(surprised?? read the Govt Job guide for NSW/ ACT/ QLD)

About Makeup jobs in Australia:

Makeup artists and Photographers are self employed and work as independents or freelancers, as you get to choose your own locations and work times. It is not for every one as you must have self motivation, great people skills and a genuine desire to be in the business of making others look great.

Dull MU artists with only technical skills from expensive private and Tafe courses, soon get used to saying 'would you like fries with that'. However our trainees aged from 16 years, start with our minimum guarantee jobs at $15/ $30PH and studio time after completion. Thereafter, we use personality promotion skills for ongoing job opportunities in ACT, NSW and QLD.

"Its about real work & paying customers"

The workshops: You only need the workshop #1 if you do not have the skillset to start our jobs asap. Those joining the 1- 2 hour sessions will find they are intense, job focussed, in small classes and come with the industrys ONLY jobs guarantee.

While our fee is low at $75 per workshop, it can also be paid in instalments prior to each class during the 1-3 weeks, starting with a $50 deposit. We are unable to refund monies if a trainee changes mind or chooses not to complete all the workshops. Where its needed, workshops #4, #5 and #6 are given to you free of charge to ensure the best trainee outcome. Not all trainees will need all the workshops. However all trainees will need to satisfactorily complete the Camera and the PR sessions before receiving the minimum 2 paid jobs guarantee. For the instudio workshop, we supply most products, however we ask that you bring your own brushes, foundation and mascara.

As for ongoing success, you must have the pr personality to talk to all about our Miss Australia parades, our new model and extras auditions and to promote your skills with PR cards to 100 new customers on a weekly basis. This has generated ongoing photo makeup jobs at $30 PH for trainees. And Its easy .. if you love talking and interacting with real customers!
If you cannot, this is not for you.

Whats after the Masterclasses: We supply the minimum jobs at our studios, where a job is defined as photo-makeup per paying [$90] customer head [PH] and can take upto 35 minutes. Our bubbly trainees wear soft day make up, dress in black with neat tied hair [no face piercings, tattoos or coverings are permitted]. They do 3-5 hour sessions at our city studios or at nominated shopping centres. Some trainees in 2017, have done 7 customers at own locations earning $210, in just one session.

The most popular earning session days are from Wednesday to Sunday afternoon while the most popular venues for new customers are the city studios and Westfields locations, where 3 hours free parking is offered. Trainees get paid $30.oo per PMU [$15 if with shared PR].

"Only our Masterclasses give a job guarantee"

Customers: In addition to the PR cards given to our MUA's to promote for new clients, we also promote in ongoing newspaper Media advertising, Model event entrants and in colleges. Trainees can work at current agency approved venues or choose own cafe locations in Shopping centres. Trainee PR skills are a must-have as it results in ongoing new clients including Kids, Teen models, Extras and entrants for Miss Australia - all who pay $90... of which the you the trainee keeps $30.00 per photo-makeup.

Trainees can also supplement more ongoing PR by using our ongoing TV and Print jobs info in your online social media promotion [Adriana, NSW, 17 years, has booked 7 extra shoots on Saturdays from her Facebook page since January 2016/ Loretta, 31, QLD mum of 2, has booked over 80 makeups with her own PR in 2016].

On Location: While all photos taken by trainees of model clients remain the copyright ownership of Next agency, trainees are permitted to use the approved photo images including the images and text from the website for agency approved promotions with your own social media profiles. However talent search ads in Gumtree, Seek and Indeed are not permitted unless pre-approved in writing.

What you do: Trainees greet a customer, process the $90 payment, do a soft makeup, then the photo-shoot and then provide the client with a entry form/ receipt with an access code and the unique job code. Trainees get paid first when it is cash and in the event of a credit card payment, you can write the 5 essentals on the form [name, amount, card no, expiry, ccv code] or you can call Anna on 0499 296 724 for an instant receipt for your client. Any other extras payment can be deposited to: MISS AUSTRALIA bsb: 032003 account: 335347.

Completion of a job: A trainee completes a job when the photos [upto 1 mg each] and the entry form photo is emailed to the office and approval is finalised by Anna. Trainees should email [info@nextmodel.com.au] the best 6 photos for Extras, Miss Australia, Kids codes plus a photo of the application form by Wednesday of each week for your payments to be processed and finalised on the Friday.

"Got natural talent - start guaranteed jobs asap"

What you need for location work: The cafe makeup kit [expensive special effects and theatre makeup kits are not required] may contain a minimum of 3 bases [dark, medium, light] and 3 loose powders, sponges, eye and lip palettes, blush palette, eye brow pencils, mascaras, brushes, apron, Facewipes, crocodile clips and own approved digital camera - Priceline, Woolies or Chemist warehouse are the best for realistic product prices (foundation from $7/ powders from $6).

Mr Canon, Nikon and Sony, cares only about the finished photo and not about overated brands or prices. All training workshops are 2 hourly and sessions must be
completed within 6 workshop weeks of commencement. You do not need a cafe kit when working at our city studios.

Completion of your workshops must be approved by your trainer. You are welcome to take advantage of the additional free workshops where required. You then start with intense client PR for 14 days with the supplied PR cards initially and then commence our upfront paid work thereafter. On completion of your minimum guarantee you also receive your certificate of attainment. Ready to start? Call Anna on 0499 296 724 asap.

More Info to read about what the job guide tells you - NSW / QLD
It's wise to start out with some informal training on the job through experience in beauty salons, cosmetic, talent companies or with amateur theatrical companies. You may like to consider a VET qualification in make-up or beauty services thereafter.

Subjects and pre requisites vary between institutions, so contact your chosen institution first. You can also become a make-up artist through a traineeship in Make-Up or Beauty Services. Most employers generally require a Year 10 entry level. If self employed, you need personality skills to acquire ongoing customers who come back for your unique services.

Once you are employed, you may be able to develop, and have recognized, additional skills under the Beauty or Makeup Training Packages that will expand your career opportunities within this industry".

Make-up artists are mostly employed in the film, stage, weddings, fashion parades and the Media. Not all trained MUA's will be successful at finding work. They are often self-employed and find most work on a freelance basis.

Only Miss Australia Makeups give a minimum job guarantee and then supports your ongoing work with Media Ads and PR cards.
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